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Hi this is me urging all of you to join ShuterStock or any other non Exclusive site and upload your photographs. Do not hesitate thinking they are not that great or they are not good to be sold, even taken with your smartphone photos those days can be very useful and appealing so hop on and make some money on the site thru your hobby like i do since photography is not my main job (I try really hard to make it my main source of income). Follow link below to sign up and start making some change on the side and to be honest this is referral link that I am provided with so I will see some money too if you do signup thru this link 😉

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Hi everybody, just quick info since my last post that my whole photo Collection is under CC NC ND 4.0. I signed up for ShutterStock account and if you want to Support me and if you want to license some of my work for your Commercial use please visit my ShutterStock profile and buy something :D. Since i just signed up and i am in process of uploading and submitting my photos it will take some time cause of review times and since i never used Stock Photography sites i need to be careful what i am posting and some stuff will be rejected so check it out in approximately 20 days and i hope everything will be there (at least what is approved). Big THX for reading 🙂

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Scraping Back Time by AMFotografie101 OLD and NEW Düsseldorf Deutschland

Scraping Back Time by AMFotografie101

Hi everybody this is my firs Post for Project “Scraping Back Time by AMFotografie101”. My goal is to Fuse and Merge old images from various cities and places that I can visit and get my hands and camera on and I want to show you how it looked back in time. I hope you will like it and you will appreciate you Counties/Cities even more and lets not forget Human Progress thru the time 😉 I will start with Düsseldorf City in Germany (Deutschland) cause I really like this city and it really progressed thru this span of 50-70 years. I have found some old photographs and I have searched for all those places and i have menage to capture them. I used those that are not changed too much and that still have some old architecture left in place today. This gallery will be expanded by time and after I go back to Düsseldorf again.

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